Debit Processing

Debit Processing

Heightened Protection of Consumer Data

Setting up and maintaining an environment for secure processing of PIN transactions may seem daunting. Fortunately, VirtuCrypt simplifies PIN management for regular and EMV transactions while upholding security to ensure your customers’ sensitive cardholder data remains safe.

Robust Functionality

VirtuCrypt’s Debit Processing services include functionality for:

  • PIN lifecycle management
  • Generating PINs and PIN offsets
  • Translating PIN blocks
  • Verifying PIN blocks
  • Checking for weak PINs

 How It Works

Whenever a customer swipes a debit or credit card at a gas station, point of sale terminal, or other such device, the Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) within the terminal converts the PIN into an encrypted PIN block. This PIN block contains all the data necessary for validating the authenticity of the cardholder in a format that is far more secure than in-the-clear PIN data. This encrypted PIN block is sent to a Futurex hardware security module used by VirtuCrypt’s services, where it is verified as legitimate.

Diagram of validating debit transactions over VirtuCrypt using a Futurex HSM

Simple Configuration

VirtuCrypt’s Debit Processing services enable organizations to easily perform PIN management tasks. Using VirtuCrypt's environment, the process of validating PIN blocks is as simple as setting up an API call to communicate between the service's hardware security modules and your organization’s host application.

Infrastructure Development

Users can construct a complete, cloud-based infrastructure containing the following VirtuCrypt services: