Professional Services

Professional Services

Round-the-Clock Support for your Infrastructure

VirtuCrypt matches the quality of our best-in-class service offerings with exemplary professional and support services. Our team of Solutions Architects are industry experts with a mastery of VirtuCrypt's functionality and the VIP Dashboard. As Certified TR-39 (TG-3) Auditors (CTGA), they are equipped to handle troubleshooting, custom development initiatives, and more.

Customized Services

Finding and deploying turnkey cryptographic solution isn't always easy. VirtuCrypt can help design and implement a service to resolve just about any need. That's what our Solutions Architect excel at: providing you with a completely custom service to fulfill your organization's particular needs both now and in the future. 


Let VirtuCrypt assess your cryptographic needs to present a service that integrates perfectly into your existing infrastructure. VirtuCrypt Solutions Architects combine a Know Your Customer (KYC) mentality with industry expertise to offer mission-critical advice about compliance and the best possible solution for their environment. 

Customized Software Solutions

No organization is the same, which is why VirtuCrypt is able to design custom services for organizations with specific and unique encryption needs. VirtuCrypt can make changes as dramatic as adding an entirely new functionality and designing a new service offering or as simple as committing ease-of-use changes to the VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal (VIP) Dashboard.  

A Laptop featuring a VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal GUI sits on a glass desk with three people sitting and talking in the background

Secure Services

VirtuCrypt provides a number of secure services for organizations that implement VirtuCrypt's cloud-based cryptographic infrastructures. These services enable organizations without the desire or capability to construct their own secure room to utilize facilities they would otherwise have no access to. In addition, our Secure Services can be contracted for one-time use or recurring engagements as part of the VirtuCrypt Enterprise package.

Key Agent Services

For organizations requiring key management assistance, VirtuCrypt’s CTGA-accredited key agent team can compliantly load keys into HSMs. With this service, VirtuCrypt handles the generation, handling, and storing of key components, but the ownership of the keys remains with the customer throughout this process.

When keys need to be accessed, VirtuCrypt securely generates and prints key components in tamper-evident envelopes before mailing them to the customer. This convenient option ensures customers have access to keys at any point in time, without the responsibility of generating and loading them into the HSM.

Customized Manufacturer-Class Solutions

VirtuCrypt has distinguished itself in the industry with the ability to develop and implement custom manufacturer class projects and joint development initiatives in a cost-effective, reliable, and standards-compliant manner with expedited delivery to market. VirtuCrypt’s engineering team has decades of experience developing custom software and hardware solutions for organizations and device manufacturers of all sizes.

Certificate Authority Services

To eliminate the worry and hassle of certificate hosting for organizations that don’t have a compliant secure room, VirtuCrypt offers certificate authority generation, signing, and hosting services at our secure data centers.


Full Support Services

VirtuCrypt knows that besides the latest data encryption innovations, you are also looking for best-in-class support services. Xceptional Support Services are professionally conducted by members of the Xceptional Support Team, all of whom are Certified TR-39 (TG-3) Auditors (CTGA) who are available to both domestic and international customers.

Trouble Shooting and Issue Resolution

Problems inherently arise within IT environments. If there is a problem, VirtuCrypt has dedicated Solutions Architects to support organizations from investigation to final resolution, making sure issues do not escalate. Organizations have multiple avenues of access, including phone, email, and the VIP Dashboard, an intuitive website for reviewing all information related to your VirtuCrypt environment.

Onsite Training

Onsite training is a convenient and beneficial way to keep your organization up-to-date when you choose the time and place for the Xceptional Support Trainers to come to you. Whether you are new to data encryption, industry compliance mandates, and transaction security, or you are an industry veteran looking to take your organization to the next level, our onsite training provides a great value with customized programs to teach you and your team the skills necessary to ensure a lasting and productive relationship with your investment in VirtuCrypt technology.

Virtual Training

Training in a virtual environment is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to learn. Xceptional Support Trainers are available for webinars, conference calls, and other virtual training services. VirtuCrypt provides cost-effective training that addresses your company’s specific needs on a schedule that fits your team’s availability.