Core Infrastructure Scalability

Core Infrastructure Scalability

Seamlessly Increase Infrastructure Scope and Size

Looking for more processing power, storage, or functionality than your current devices support? VirtuCrypt enables organizations to seamlessly incorporate the cloud into their existing IT systems for added scalability. VirtuCrypt’s compatible, modular architecture makes it so adding cloud services with your current hardware does not have to require extensive time, money, or integration work.

Avoid Logistical Burdens

Deploying the cloud circumvents the logistical burden of purchasing, configuring, and integrating hardware units altogether. Simply request additional functionality, such as an increase in TPS, and VirtuCrypt allocates the resources to accommodate your organization’s requirements.

Prepare for Traffic Spikes

Often, an organization’s reputation suffers when a massive spike in traffic occurs and service delivery is impacted. To ensure the reliability of your business, VirtuCrypt Enterprise Core Infrastructure Scalability Service can quickly increase your cryptographic infrastructure’s resources.



Augment the TPS capabilities of your in-house Futurex devices with VirtuCrypt’s Enterprise HSM Services. With multiple levels of TPS ratings available, VirtuCrypt can get you the right processing speeds for your business.


Looking to supplement the functionality of your existing devices? VirtuCrypt Elements can supply the functionality you need, from Point-to-Point Encryption to Remote Key Management, without the overhead of purchasing and securely storing physical devices.


Extending key, device, and certificate storage capacity and redundancy for your Futurex devices is a simple matter with VirtuCrypt. With this solution, the typical storage limitations of self-hosted core cryptographic infrastructures are eliminated without requiring a large, upfront investment.

Diagram shows stack of Secure Attached Storage devices at multiple sites storing high volumes of data and scaling as desired