GP Data Protection

GP Data Protection

A Powerful Foundation for Cryptographic Functionality

Providing scalable, compliant encryption technology for protecting general purpose data is at the core of VirtuCrypt’s business. With this service, VirtuCrypt enables general purpose cryptographic commands, managed by your organization through the VIP Dashboard and the host API. This service allows the user to select the necessary algorithms to be used in its environment. This service provides visibility, management, and strict user access control.

 How It Works

This service enables the AES encryption algorithm and PKCS #11 functionality. These capabilities are essential to cryptographic functionality including, but not limited to:

  • Generating keys
  • Creating certificate signing requests
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Digital signatures
  • Preserving key usage

Key Features

Vertical Scalability: VirtuCrypt's GP Data Protection seamlessly accommodates transaction spikes, providing your organization with greater versatility and functionality.

Support for Cryptographic Algorithms: With AES and PKCS #11 enabled for your organization, you'll have the ability to implement general purpose data encryption. Should you need it, VirtuCrypt can provide additional algorithms and APIs through the other services.

Key Management Functionality: This service allows your organization to export, generate, and import encryption keys, key blocks, and cryptograms with ease.

Deploy Wide-Ranging Applications

This service lays the foundation for powerful and versatile resources. It is designed to provide the maximum utility to any organization, despite the industry. Virtually any type of organization, from healthcare to eCommerce, can benefit from this protection.

Simplify Training

The VIP Dashboard, the robust administrative access tool, incorporates a user-friendly design. When deploying GP solutions, this service also provides users with direct access to documentation and consultation with accredited experts.