Enterprise Remote Key Management

Remote Key Management

Scalable Control from Virtually Anywhere

VirtuCrypt’s remote key loading services leverage the power of the cloud to include all the functionality necessary for performing key management for POS terminals, ATMs, and more. The Remote Key Management service provides:

  • Key generation, distribution, injection, deletion, tracking, and certificate hierarchies
  • Flawless integration with the host application that drives your organization’s POS terminals or ATMs
  • Remote management capabilities such as loading Master File Keys, from virtually anywhere using the Excrypt Touch

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Features at-a-Glance

The Enterprise Remote Key Management service does the following:

  • Automates the manual key replacement process
  • Injects encryption keys over a TCP/IP connection
  • Provides key group management—logical grouping of keys assigned to a POS device/serial number for loading
  • Offers batch device import—imports a list of device serial numbers
  • Logs all activities (exportable and searchable)

Convenient Remote Key Distribution

Using this service, VirtuCrypt leverages full key management capabilities, which contains a FIPS-validated cryptographic module for key generation. By rotating keys over a secured IP network, your organization can conserve the time and resources that would otherwise be spent rotating keys. Additionally, your infrastructure gains efficiency through the robust VIP Dashboard.

This service supports:

  • PKCS and X.509 standards
  • PEM and DER file formats
  • Querying, filtering, exporting logs