Simplifying Data Handling

Sometimes keeping your data secure means having less of it. When data that’s not in immediate use rests, especially in an insecure environment, it becomes vulnerable to thieves. That’s where VirtuCrypt Tokenization Service comes in. It allows organizations to generate tokens as needed to replace sensitive data with surrogate values. Then they can take advantage of VirtuCrypt’s Token Vault, which eases data handling for organizations by taking tokenized and encrypted data, and storing the pair in a secure, off-site vault where would-be attackers can neither locate it nor steal it due to the physical and logical security of VirtuCrypt’s data centers and devices.


  About Tokenization

Tokenization replaces sensitive data with surrogate values—meaningless in and of themselves—thereby disarming fraudsters in the event of data breach. These tokens act as reference points paired with sensitive data, meaning the sensitive data, such as a primary account number (PAN), can be stored elsewhere while the tokens can be stored in your primary place of business and used to access the sensitive data as needed.

Wide-Ranging Capabilities

VirtuCrypt’s tokenization solution includes a range of comprehensive data protection services.

  • Hashed or unhashed token generation
  • FPE token generation
  • Back up and disaster recovery