Seamlessly Validate Payments

Wherever EMV-enabled cards are used, a cryptographic chip verifies the cardholder’s authenticity. On a per-use basis, VirtuCrypt Elements EMV prepares data and validates transactions using EMV chips in either card-based payments or contactless payments. VirtuCrypt supports every aspect of the EMV lifecycle, from issuing the card to processing the card in a production environment.

Secure EMV Issuance

EMV Cards contain microchips to secure valuable card data in conjunction with the user’s PIN. These microchips require protecting. Using an HSM to secure an EMV card, card issuers prevent malicious hackers and fraudsters from successfully skimming card data at point of sale terminals. Prior to deploying EMV cards to customers, it is essential for card-issuing organizations to generate card preparation data securely. VirtuCrypt simplifies this process by providing FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated HSMs through an intuitive interface.


 How It Works

EMV cards prevent skimming by deploying another layer of security, in the form of a cryptographic microchip. This service works after the following steps:

  • The card’s chip leverages a public key infrastructure (PKI), where two cryptographic keys are used to authenticate the integrity of users
  • When used to complete a payment transaction, the card’s chip performs a command, which communicates with the point of sale terminal to verify that the transaction is authentic
  • The HSM, managed by VirtuCrypt, processes the validation of the PKI to confirm the authenticity of the user
  • VirtuCrypt provides the HSM, which validates the EMV card, through a robust and easy-to-use web portal, known as the VIP Dashboard

 Discover more about the VIP Dashboard here

diagram of emv process flow