Microsoft AD CS

Microsoft AD CS

Securing the Root of Trust

VirtuCrypt supports Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) integration and deploys a hardware security module (HSM), accessed through the cloud, to protect an organization’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Microsoft AD CS can be used to create a server, which acts as a Certificate Authority (CA). Using this CA, Microsoft AD CS allows users to sign, verify, issue, and revoke certificates. VirtuCrypt Microsoft AD CS bolsters an organization’s confidentiality and authenticity by securing the private keys used to encrypt valuable data.

Benefits at a Glance

We’ve highlighted some of the best perks of signing on with VirtuCrypt Microsoft AD CS:

  • Provides hardened boundaries for key storage
  • Bolsters the security of Microsoft’s technology
  • Configures compliant devices in dispersed data centers
  • Deploys advanced encryption hash algorithms (such as SHA-1, SHA-256, or SHA-512) with key character lengths (such as 2048, 3072, and 4096)
  • Supported by CTGA-accredited experts
  • Scales as needed, without delay

Protect Key Access

Microsoft recommends that organizations implement HSMs as part of the best practices for securing a PKI. By deploying an HSM that is accessible through the cloud, organizations lock down their private keys. Not only are unauthorized parties prevented from accessing keys, but the actions of those parties who do have access to keys are logged regularly. Overall, an HSM simplifies the process for retrieving keys for authorized individuals while impeding unauthorized access.

Deploy Hardened Cryptographic Boundaries

Organizations storing keys within software open their organization up to numerous vulnerabilities. Without a hardened, cryptographic boundary, employee error may result in a key becoming accessible to unauthorized individuals. VirtuCrypt relies on HSMs with physical and logical protections. When hardened boundaries are implemented in an access-controlled environment, the risk of attack is lessened for the root of an organization’s trust.

Diagram shows connections between root C.A., issuing C.A., and client certs and Futurex HSMs over the VirtuCrypt cloud

No-nonsense Configuration

VirtuCrypt values our services' ease of deployment. When signing on with VirtuCrypt, Microsoft AD CS, your organization can quickly obtain advanced technology. After completing the initial forms and enabling mutual authentication, the VIP Dashboard will be enabled for use. The low barriers to utilizing VirtuCrypt’s services mean your organization has more time and resources to allocate elsewhere.

Customizable and Scalable Functionality

VirtuCrypt’s modular design can allocate additional functionality with ease. Need to increase the number of CAs your organization supports with Microsoft AD CS? We’ve got you covered. Increasing functionality or requesting custom functionality is significantly easier and more secure thanks to the cloud.