Comprehensive Backup

Comprehensive Backup

Your keys, certificates, users, and configuration data: all vitally important to the success of your organization’s core cryptographic system. VirtuCrypt Plus can provide you with the relief and assurance that your data will always be there when you need it, despite any circumstance.

Dependable Recovery

Unexpected events such as natural disasters can pose a significant threat to your in-house data centers and cryptographic infrastructure. Any outage can delay or deny service, erode customer confidence, and impact your ability to do business. Traditionally, this risk is mitigated by using backup data centers, often with a limited subset of devices. Even limited backup environments can result in substantial costs for space, bandwidth, power, personnel, and certifications. With VirtuCrypt Plus, your entire cryptographic infrastructure can be replicated in multiple backup sites, all available on-demand in the event they are needed.


So Long, Data Loss

If you have backed up your data, getting your system up and running after a disaster is simple. Everything from encryption keys to certificates to configuration data is instantly accessible whenever you need it. In this way, data backups essentially function as insurance, providing you security that you will never have to deal with the loss of any business-critical data again.

Monitoring and Alerting

Implementing the backup service is an excellent first step toward enhancing your IT infrastructure. Now take the next step by ensuring your infrastructure has adequate monitoring of system health and security by utilizing the VirtuCrypt Plus Monitoring and Alerting Service.

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