General Purpose


Data protection in the cloud

Deploy general-purpose cloud HSMs through VirtuCrypt to encrypt databases, files, applications, and messages across your organization. VirtuCrypt cloud HSMs also allow you to manage and secure keys, forming the basis for digital signing operations. This makes it ideal for organizations within the technology, healthcare, automotive, government, IoT, and corporate sectors.

VirtuCrypt’s near-universal support for standard and international APIs reduces cloud HSM integration effort, including native integration with major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. VirtuCrypt cloud payment HSMs are powered by Futurex’s FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI PTS HSM v3 certified technology for maximum compliance and trust.

If you aren't currently using Futurex hardware, look into VirtuCrypt Key Management or Payments service suites.

Comprehensive Backup

VirtuCrypt Backup service replicates all of your in-house data, including encryption keys and certificate trees, within the hardened security of VirtuCrypt’s servers.

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Monitoring & Alerting

VirtuCrypt allows companies to monitor their system health and security and sends alerts in the event of any critical issue such as an exhaustive PIN attack or power outage.

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Diagram shows an organization securely networking important alerts, notifications, and backup data to the VIP dashboard to remotely analyze

  How It Works

A secure connection is set up between an organization’s in-house Futurex devices and VirtuCrypt’s centralized management devices. The in-house devices function as normal, with no interference from the VirtuCrypt services.

VirtuCrypt Comprehensive Backup

How Comprehensive Backup Works

VirtuCrypt Comprehensive Backup creates and maintains an exact replica of your on-site crytographic infrastructure. This mirrored infrastructure rests at VirtuCrypt’s standards-compliant, high-availability data centers where it remains safe from would-be fraudsters. Should disaster strike any of your on-site hardware, all of your critical infrastructure is preserved.   

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VirtuCrypt Monitoring and Alerting

How Monitoring & Alerting Works

For VirtuCrypt Monitoring and Alerting, VirtuCrypt tracks the vital system parameters, throughput rates, error messages, and other information associated with your devices. If any issues arise, VirtuCrypt will automatically notify the appropriate personnel within your organization using configurable alerting technologies such as SMS, SMTP, and SNMP.

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Why should you consider VirtuCrypt as an enhancement to your existing infrastructure? The advantages speak for themselves:

  • Utilizes the same architecture as your Futurex hardware
  • Simplifies integration work
  • Significantly reduces costs associated with employee training
  • Lessens compatibility testing time and cost
  • Builds upon existing efficiency and capabilities