VirtuCrypt Listed as Visa Approved Service Provider

VirtuCrypt Listed as Visa Approved Service Provider

VirtuCrypt is among the newest companies to be listed on Visa’s approved service provider list. Visa’s Approved Service Provider List is one of the primary references for those organizations looking to outsource payment services. By securing validation from Visa, VirtuCrypt is highlighted among the companies that represent the approved protection for cardholder data.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is a necessity for any organizations that handles Visa cardholder data. As an approved agent, VirtuCrypt has been specifically recognized as having the ability to manage encryption keys and devices without touching cardholder data. VirtuCrypt Services are recognized as PCI-PIN Services, meaning VirtuCrypt can process PINs on behalf of other organizations to reduce that organization’s scope of PCI compliance. More specifically, VirtuCrypt was approved for providing the following services: certificate authorities, encryption support/remote key distribution, and payment processing for both ATMs and POS devices.

VirtuCrypt believes that this registry is a highly beneficial tool in outlining the solutions that meet applicable PCI PIN security requirements. It reflects VirtuCrypt’s ongoing commitment to data security and the protection of cardholder data. VirtuCrypt also understands that this commitment is ongoing. VirtuCrypt intends to see to the successful adherence to future compliance standards with Visa’s global registry.

See VirtuCrypt’s registry entry here.



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