PCI SSC Validates VirtuCrypt Elements as P2PE Provider

PCI SSC Validates VirtuCrypt Elements as P2PE Provider

VirtuCrypt today announced its listing as a Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) component provider for Decryption Management Services.

PCI SSC assesses solutions providers against rigorous security requirements and lists them if they fulfill and maintain compliance with the PCI P2PE standard. VirtuCrypt is the most recent listing on PCI’s list of P2PE Decryption Management Services and is one of just seven component providers worldwide that have successfully completed the validation process.

The VirtuCrypt Elements P2PE decryption service performs P2PE decryptions, translations, and tokenization using fully redundant, high-throughput, and secure HSMs over a cloud-based API. Using industry-compliant encryption standards, integration into VirtuCrypt's P2PE decryption service is streamlined for P2PE solution providers to support the processing of encrypted transactions from Point-of-Sale, mobile (MPOS), and Encrypting PIN Pad devices.

VirtuCrypt has successfully completed numerous independent, third-party compliance and security audits, in addition to passing reviews under the following PCI standards:

  • PCI P2PE

VirtuCrypt is powered by Futurex’s FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated hardware security modules. Futurex technology has supported P2PE providers for many years, including Ecentric Payment Systems’ role as the first ever PCI-listed P2PE decryption component provider, which was facilitated by Futurex partner Stanchion Payment Solutions.

VirtuCrypt’s listing as a PCI P2PE Component Provider can be found under the Decryption Management Services category and Futurex’s cryptographic modules can be found on PCI’s list of PIN Transaction Security HSMs.



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