All-Encompassing Functionality

The VirtuCrypt Enterprise service suite includes services to facilitate large-scale data security and key management operations, with full customizability. For organizations desiring to utilize the cloud for their entire core cryptographic infrastructure, VirtuCrypt’s Enterprise Services provides unrestricted access to Futurex’s Hardened Enterprise Security Platform.

Completely Customizable

Each customer receives a cryptographic environment that can be customized to meet their unique and specific needs. Within the Enterprise Service offerings, any of the following can be combined to make the ideal fit for a given organization:

  • Enterprise Key Management
  • Remote Key Management
  • Hardware Security Modules
  • Core Infrastructure Backup
  • Disaster Recovery Functionality
  • Secure Storage
  • Certificate Authority and PKI
  • Core Infrastructure Scalability

  VirtuCrypt also provides custom initiative options for functionalities not listed above.

Enterprise Service Package

Core Infrastructure Backup
Core Infrastructure Scalability
Enterprise Key Management
Hardware Security Modules
Remote Key Management
Secure Storage
Diagram shows a car, a truck, a plane, a boat, and a gas station secured through VirtuCrypt technology over the cloud


The VirtuCrypt Intelligence Dashboard (VIP) can be whitelabeled and rebranded with your corporate colors and logos according to your preferences, creating brand affinity with your customers, whether internal or external. Your organization’s VirtuCrypt environment can be allocated however you wish, creating the chance to combine your services with the dashboard to meet the needs of your customers.

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A monitor, laptop screen, and a cell phone screen showing the VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal graphic user interface