Database Encryption

Database Encryption

Column-Level and Entire-Database (TDE) Protection

While it is an absolute necessity for many organizations who must maintain compliance and protect their intellectual property, database encryption is often considered too complex or time-consuming to configure. Encrypting an organization’s databases can prevent innumerable threats and ultimately provide a strong return on investment, given the high costs associated with database breaches.


Our easy-to-integrate database encryption can:

  • Integrate directly with your organization’s existing workflow; no maintenance required
  • Provide strict user controls and permissions to ensure unauthorized users do not gain access to encrypted data
  • Prepare for audits and review logs all from one intuitive interface
  • Keep record of all access attempts
  • Automatically separate user controls to prevent internal attacks

Primary Benefits

Both Database Encryption services provide the capability for you to do the following:

  • Confidently use encryption and user controls for manageable data
  • Employ a hardware security module (HSM) to expedite complex cryptographic tasks
  • Work with devices that are compliant with the most rigorous industry standards, such as FIPS 140-2 Level 3
  • Scale effortlessly across databases or to meet any TPS requirements
  • Support a variety of interfaces including PKCS #11, MS CAPI/CNG, Java, Excrypt API, and RESTful API
Diagram shows a hardware security module and its master encryption key securing databases

Application-Level Encryption

VirtuCrypt’s Application Level Encryption provides granular protection at the field level for especially proprietary data. Application Level Encryption is especially ideal for credit card information, names, contact information, and other valuable data. It simplifies the use of encrypted data with other applications for increased efficiency. It strictly prevents users from having unnecessary permissions, and it blocks those unauthorized attackers for greater security.

Transparent Data Encryption

VirtuCrypt’s Transparent Data Encryption archives and encrypts all of a given database’s information. By covering an entire database, data is secured quickly and efficiently. The use of encryption is so seamless, it appears ‘transparent’ and unnoticeable.