Cloud Service Encryption

Cloud Service Encryption

Sophisticated, Easy-to-use Encryption

As data breaches occur more and more frequently, today’s businesses need encryption that is as user friendly as powerful. VirtuCrypt’s Cloud Service Encryption encrypts data while simultaneously uploading the data to a cloud service provider. Similarly, data downloads and decrypts concurrently. VirtuCrypt’s Cloud Service Encryption is able to be used with major cloud service providers.

An Adaptable Solution

Cloud Service Encryption provides the convenience of using your typical cloud service provider with the security of VirtuCrypt’s encryption. Need more or less storage space? Leverage the power of the cloud to access more storage space as-needed, scaling alongside your business growth without boundlessly. 

Interested in how Cloud Service Encryption would fit into your organization’s existing practices? Talk to one of our CTGA-accredited Solutions Architects.

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Storage Made Simple

For added convenience, the service can be worked into organization’s existing usage of cloud services through storage client settings. Your files will be accessible wherever you go, including over mobile platforms and laptops. Users may choose to have VirtuCrypt white label through the VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal (VIP) Dashboard for brand consistency and customer familiarity.

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